Mens Shirt Refashion

DIY boho top!
Ive been really get back into thrift shopping and refashioning and have been obsessing over loads of peoples refashioning of mens shirts!

I already have a shirt where I've cut off the top and put in elastic to make a Bardot top, so i really wanted to be a bit creative and do something different this time.

Shirts are a huge trend at the minute. I was toying with the idea of doing an off the shoulder style top, or one shoulder. Butttttt, they look better when you just push a normal top off and tie it up. Not exactly much of a refashion! Or creative.

So i just started cutting and seen where it took me!

I cut off the collar and decided I would be turning it around so the buttons were at the back. Can we just take a sec to appreciate how beaut this fabric is?? 100% cotton shirt bought for £2 in helping hands ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿปreeeet barg!

I then cut off the hem to make it more of a boxy shape, and cut off the cuffs. I really like the cuffs cut of as it turned out to be a nice 3/4 length sleeve. I turned both these up by 0.5cm twice to finish.

Then i took the fabric i cut from the hem and decided to make it a collar. I absolutely winged this, but basically I used the hem of the top, so i didn't have to sort any raw edges, and i kind of cut it in a typical neckline shape. I made it smaller so i could gather the top into it. Also I made it like a collar at the button stand at the back.

Im so glad I did this because it pulled the top up to sit higher, giving it a really flattering neckline. However, I had to put a few stay stitches in this collar at the front so it sat right on my body. Obviously this was because i didn't take the time to figure out the pattern exactly and I just winged it at the start cutting off more than i should have...

Anyway I hope you liked this refashion. On a side note, I have been adding way to much blue to my wardrobe recently and I really need to get some other colours in there ๐Ÿ˜‚

Any feedback/ comments would be mucho appreciated!
Lots of Love! Maria.


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