Final Female Costume

 So here is my final female costume! I feel like this costume is one of those things in life where everything really comes together at the right time and works out just right!

Sarah, my beautiful performer, is a professional dancer and I met her because she's a family friend to Kurts family. She is SO FLIPPING TALENETED. The photoshoot was done in 10 minute slots per student, which is crazy fast to try and get a good shot. But both my performers managed it. You can check out Sarah killing it making up some Irish dance moves on the spot here, also on that tumblr you can see a bit more about my degree journey throughout the last year and my final major project.

Obviously this is not a typical Irish dance dress but it is heavily inspired by one. I had to heavily research Irish dance dresses and their journey to how they look today, to write about in my dissertation and to justify my design choices... Dear lord are those dresses awful! But I'm also kinda obsessed because the craftsmanship and ideas behind them are INCREDIBLE.  

This dress kind of mixes early 19th century fashion with a silhouette of a typical modern day Irish dance dress. The skirt is made in a heavy linen and interfaced so much it feels like cardboard. It was fully lined because jumping about obviously shows the inside... often, lol.  The skirt was also so short that Sarah's booty was literally out the whole day of the show, but she's a professional and was totally making that seem casual backstage😂 The front embroidery on the skirt is one of the pieces i am most proud of, it was amaya and hand stitching worked together to create a celtic pattern that spelled out the journey of the swans from human to swan.

The top half of the dress is made in three layers with a printed french crepe, chiffon and cotton underlay. I designed the printed fabric on photoshop and sent it off to contrado (a long fabric printing company), it literally arrived the next day, amazing service AND great student offers so if you need anything like that check it out. The fabric also made the frills on the hem of the sleeves and skirt.

To finish off the look the costume had wings to give the swan vibe and a fairytale crown. I DIE at these adorable photos of my beautiful swan babies together 💛💚💞

 If you enjoyed seeing a bit of an insight to this final costume, you might want to check out my last post where I talked about the male costume! Im so glad its all over and I am planning a post all about uni and a bit more information on my degree in costume design with textiles!


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