Final Male Costume
 University is finally over! I am free. Im going to write a post all about the degree i studied in costume and what i learnt/ if i think you need uni etc etc! So stay around for that, Im sure its something I should have read before going to uni 🙈

But this post is all about showing off my costume for the final male character.So lets get on with that, eh!

If you need to catch up a little bit on the journey, i posted small snippets throughout the year on my costume tumblr here. I just don't see the point in reposting all that kind of info onto this blog. Also, the story i done was 'The Fate of the Children of Lir', an Irish myth that you can google and read all in about five minutes!

This is Laura, my beautiful performer who stepped up to act as a 12 year old boy for me when the male performer I was going to use unfortunately became unavailable.
So after months of making a toile costume to fit a 6ft male dancer, I had to scrap everything and recreate the toile to fit a 5ft girl (non dancer). But in the end Laura was a dream performer, she actually is a huge anime enthusiast and loves going to multiple comic cons! So she was all up for the challenge to act as an irish dancing swan 😂

These photos are from the final fitting before all the final touches were finished. This top was probably my favourite thing i ever made. It was a raglan sleeve top with bell sleeves, super easy make up. However, i pulled the top layer in a typical drawn thread work style and underneath this was a patchwork fabric i made from about 20 different fabrics and quilted together. It was to mirror one of my primary pictures of Ireland, that were the main inspo for the whole final major project! 

The trousers were high waisted breeches. Quite a late century style i believe. They ended just below the knee with a fake button closure hiding a hook and eye and popper closure. The split fall was an absolute nightmare in this fabric and I should have used a MUCH heavier interfacing. But i did what i did and it is what it is lol.

The cloak was another one of my faves! It had a double layer front, the under layer was an arrangement of feather type embroidery to symbolise the swan taking over the human body. Only visible when Irish dancing. Deep, i know. But thats the costume world lol. The front shape was inspired by step patterns and the vine is a typical Celtic shape! I then made a fogging closure, which i LOVED.

If you wondering about the crown i may make another and blog it cause its soooooo easy! so do stick around plz n thku

Next post is all about the female costume!


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