University Work

So I have been majorly absent from my newly started blog and terrible at keeping to my making resolution because UNI HAS TAKEN OVER MY LIFE.

Seriously, Im sure everyone knows someone who acts like they have no free time because of uni. And Im sure you find it really annoying. But seriously final year of an art degree is hard work.

Since my degree is costume making though I thought why not share the progress here. Above is a picture taken from my hand in in December. This was the toiles for toile hand in. I absolutley love how the toiles have turned out and this picture makes me so proud.

This is my favourite part of costume making- when you make up a toile from all the bespoke patterns and they look perfect. Since it is two weeks to hand in the actual costumes are now nearly finished. But i thought showing where they started was important.

I was keeping up with another blog (mostly images) detailing the design journey so if you want to see that please do check it out.

My next post I will be showing the male costume and talking about the design and making of it in a bit more detail!

Lots of love! Maria.


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