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Summer Tops, Autumn Weather

Like every fashion obsessive being in the Northern Hemisphere this month I have felt an overwhelming need to clear the summer clothes out of my life and make way for the winter ones. To be perfectly honest I would say that my wardrobe is an all year round kind of situation. So in between seasons I don't so much as have a clear out in the sense that hundreds of pieces go into boxes and make their way to the attic, I just like to pull my new things to the front and get all the sunshine pieces into the drawers; where I will probably still get some wear out of them throughout the cold, horrendous, winter months. (Side Note: I hate any season that isn't summer)

Since moving to University in England and travelling across the big bad Irish Sea, I have learnt to be pretty minimal with my wardrobe. I'm not quite down to the '20 interchangeable, all you need' pieces just yet (in fact i don't think i will ever be at that), but I am quite minimal when it comes to clothes.…

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