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Seamstress in the Family

Honestly deciding to sew isn't a good decision. Likelyhood is you will be only one in your family and friend groups with a sewing machine and therefore everyone suddenly decides you MUST sew for them. And who am i to say no. Roll onto the week of a big family wedding and I have two dresses to alter, a dickie bow to make FOR A DOG and still my own dress to make.

Time management is usually my forte, but this month I had to move house again and that throws everyones life into chaos. This especially pissed me of because it was the second time we had moved in three months, no-one wants to be doing that lets be honest.

Anyway, three days to go until the wedding and this refashion was still staring me in the face begging to be done. All i wanted to do was crawl up on the sofa in my fresh new home and watch Stranger Things season 2. But no I made a promise to myself that I was done with fast fashion and I would make all my clothes. So I forced myself up and I finished the damn thing. An…

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